Why Use Ranger Engineering?

Our models are correct. You never need to worry about grade or layout conflicts or errors when using our models. We have taken the time to ensure that all issues in the construction plans are both well documented and resolved before you ever get to the field.

Our models are clear. Unless you have tried to set construction staking in the snow, wind, rain or mud you don’t understand how absolutely critical clear information is in the field. Our layer names are descriptive but not lengthy. Our surfaces are accurate but not overwhelming. Our file size is large enough to get the detail needed, but not so large it slows down your field equipment.

Our models are complete. All the linework you need in the field is included. The surface is complete from daylight to daylight. Whatever special needs you had, yup, those are in there also. We ensure that you never have to call us from a truck cab asking for additional information: those conversations were had long before and those components you need are already in your files.

Core Values and Practices

  • Customer Focused – Your needs are our biggest priority
  • Dependable – We get you what you need, when you need it
  • Superior Product – A perfect model is always our goal, and we deliver
  • Solutions not Problems – When we find errors in the plans, we offer solutions not problems
  • Integrity and Honesty – No smoke and mirrors here
  • Engineer Built – All of our models are built by Civil Engineers
  • Engineer Checked – All of our models are double checked by a second Civil Engineer
  • Consistent – Big or small, every project deserves the time needed to be done right

Key Skills & Experience

With over 1600 distinct machine control models built, we are the most experienced model builders in the industry. If your project involves moving dirt, we have built countless others like it.
All of our projects are built by civil engineers and checked by civil engineers. Two engineers work together on all our projects to ensure no errors ever leave our doors.
Big or small, we take the time to build every project correct. All typos, errors or conflicts in the construction plans are documented to you. But we don’t just tell you whats wrong: we offer multiple solutions to each issue.
In the past 11 years we have built a model for every corner of our great Nation. We know how to work within your State and play by their rules.