A Machine Control Model (MCM) is the surface, linework and alignments that are loaded into GPS devices for staking and/or dirt work. It is sometimes referred to as a model, file, TIN, linework, surface, DTM, faces or data. Simply put, it is the information that goes into the GPS equipment to allow it to quickly and accurately build a site per the construction plans.

First, anyone using GPS equipped construction equipment will need a Machine Control Model. Second, anyone using GPS for field staking (such as with a rover) will also need a Machine Control Model. Depending on you’re use in the field, you may only need the surface, or only the linework, or only points or alignments: but if you are using GPS equipment you are going to need some combination of the above.

The purpose of a Machine Control Model is to allow GPS equipment to quickly and accurately build a site per the construction plans – the model is built to the highest standard of accuracy and every part of the model is ready for construction. A dirt quantity takeoff is intended to provide dirt numbers (cut and fill) for a site based on the construction plans. The surface built for the takeoff is typically fast and loose and is therefore not suitable for GPS machine control and/or staking applications.

We can either provide a dirt quantity take off for bidding purposes, or we can provide a dirt quantity takeoff after we have built a Machine Control Model for your project. These can be as simple as providing the cut and fill numbers, or as complex as including topsoil and all material depths. We provide colored cut/fill maps with values with our takeoffs.

We work with all major brands of GPS machine control such as Trimble, Topcon, Leica and Carlson. We provide the files that are compatible and appropriate for the system that use.

We have more hands on experience building Machine Control Models than anyone else in the industry. Our lead engineer, Chad Cooper, by himself has built over 1600 distinct models in the past 11 years. Our staff of full time and part time model builders, engineers and professional engineers ensure you get the best Machine Control Model in the industry. All of our models are engineer built and engineer checked to ensure that no errors ever get into the field.

We price our work first by complexity then by size. A very small, but very complex site may quote for as much as a very large, but very simple site. Our prices are very competitive and we can always provide a free quote upfront for either new work or changes. And we always stick to our quoted price unless the scope of work changes by your direction.

We measure turnaround time in days not weeks. Once we have all the components we need to get started (construction plans, electronic files, work order) our turnaround time is typically two days. This is obviously dependent on the size and complexity of the job. On larger projects, such as highways, if you need something immediately after we start we can provide temporary files to keep your field crews working while the model is finished up.