Machine Control Model Quote

Are you interested in Ranger Engineering’s services but would like a quote first? Are you bidding a project and would like to know our price for building a machine control model upfront so you can include it in your quote? Are you a dealer that would like to include the machine control model price in your equipment package? Regardless of why you need a quote, Ranger Engineering is always happy to provide FREE QUOTES. To do so, we need you to fill out the form below to get us your contact information and some basic direction on your needs. Then we need to see the project – ideally this will be with either the BID PLANS or, preferably, the CONSTRUCTION PLANS. If these are not available at this time, but you do have ELECTRONIC FILES showing the site, we can use those.

The plans or electronic files can be emailed to (up to approximately 20mb per email), uploaded to DropBox, shared on a FTP, and or any other method of getting the files to us.

After we get your quote request we will contact you directly to ensure we know your scope of work and when you need the number by.

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AFTER submitting your quote request, please email or Dropbox files to Ranger at