Machine Control Model Work Order

Are you ready for Ranger Engineering to build you a machine control model or check your model? First, please fill out the WORK ORDER below to get us your contact information and some basic direction on your needs. Second, we need the CONSTRUCTION PLANS. The construction plans form the basis of all our work. Please make sure they are the latest set of plans and any addendum’s are also sent if they are not included in the plans. Third, we need the ELECTRONIC FILES – these are typically in AutoCAD or Microstation format, both of which we can work with. If you are unsure which files or plans we will need, just send them all – we will sort out what is needed and what is not.

The plans and electronic files can be emailed to (up to approximately 20mb per email), uploaded to DropBox, shared on a FTP, and or any other method of getting the files to us.

After we get your work order we will contact you directly to ensure we know your needs, scope of work and deadlines.

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AFTER submitting your quote request, please email or Dropbox files to Ranger at